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Westbridge Teaching School Alliance

Research & Development

Westbridge Teaching School Alliance are committed to their role in school based research.

  • We respond to current research within our schools.
  • We endeavour to design research projects with a particular focus on narrowing the gap.
  • We refer to EEF for research opportunities.


Current Research

Westbridge Teaching School has continued to develop teacher-led research opportunities. We have recently completed two, Neuroscience-informed, teacher-led randomised control trials. Both trials focuses upon aspects of Retrieval practice that are founded in Neuroscience. For more information regarding the trials, please click the links below.


We can highly-recommend two books which were central to the design of of our research: 

  • Teacher-Led Research by Richard Churches and Eleanor Dommet
  • Neuroscience for teachers by  Richard Churches, Eleanor Dommet and Ian Devonshire


This academic year, we have also designed and implemented a further randomised control trial entitled, 'Attend Today; Achieve Tomorrow' in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Learning Partnership. Its intention is to raise attainment and improve attendance through the introduction of Breakfast Club provision and small group reading tuition. Our trial is fully explained in this summary of our research design. Please click here for more information. 

The results from this trial are currently being analysed and we hope to bring you a poster of the impact very soon.


Previous Research 

We have been a part of National Research on "Closing the Gap".  Results of the 2 year study are now available, please click here.

Following on from this research, Westfield and Platt Bridge have both embedded growth mindset principals and continue to explore the impact of this approach with groups and individuals.


Are spelling tests worth doing? 

Our preliminary study into the effects of a weekly spelling tests indicate that pupils who have a weekly spelling test remember more words taught than pupils who do not have a test.

As this was a preliminary study we are now repeating the research with an increased number of pupils from years 3 to 6. 

Please click here for more information.


Impact of Study

We have developed a spelling incentives scheme in each year group to promote learning spellings indentified in the National Curriculum through which a weekly spelling test earns you a spelling reward.



  • Westbridge Teaching School will be attending Research Ed in Blackpool in the Spring where we hope to develop further ideas for teacher-led research that can have a positive impact upon teaching and learning in our schools.
  • We are interested in the work of Alex Quigley and his book, Closing the Vocabulary Gap, and are looking to design randomised control trials to measure the impact of different strategies in raising the profile of vocabulary and improving pupils' receptive vocabulary in our schools too.