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Our Newly Qualified Teacher Programme

It is a requirement of the statutory induction process for newly qualified teachers that an appropriate body be appointed.

Westbridge Teaching School will carry out the role of appropriate body in accordance with NQT regulations and practice for NQT’s in schools and other education establishments.

The service that Westbridge TSA offer is available to all local authority maintained schools and academies.

The main responsibility of the Appropriate Body is to quality assure the NQT induction process. The Appropriate Body must monitor and support, assess and guide to ensure procedures are fair and appropriate.

 Westbridge Teaching School Alliance NQT Programme Aims:

  • To undertake the statutory responsibilities and duties of the Appropriate Body for the professional induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) – NQT Registration Programme
  • To provide a ‘bespoke’ and comprehensive training programme to secure individuals into the early stages of their career progression – NQT Training Programme

Westbridge Teaching School Alliance will:

  • Provide, collate and submit all appropriate assessment documentation
  • Provide a named contact at RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance
  • Keep schools up to date and informed of changes to legislation, taking the main responsibilities of administration

What's included in Our Newly Qualified Teacher Programme:

  • Registering of NQT's with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) and monitoring progress
  • Quality assuring the three assessment forms against the teacher standards
  • Providing advice and guidance in relation to assessments
  • Offer a NQT Welcome to Teaching Induction Workshop / Residential
  • Delivering training to Induction Tutors as required
  • School visits to help support new Induction Tutors
  • Providing advice and support in circumstances when an NQT is under-performing
  • Updating and developing NQT paperwork /processes
  • Calculating length of assessment for part time NQT's

Other services (additional charges apply) 

  • Delivering lesson planning training to NQT's
  • Delivering training on developing a professional portfolio including access to discounted rates on Research based speakers through Westbridge Teaching School Alliance 


Teachers who are nationals of Eire or the European Economic Area (EEA) who fall within article 3 of the Council Directive 89/48 EEC on a general system for the recognition of higher-education diplomas awarded on completion of professional education and training of at least three years' duration are exempt from induction. Teaching qualifications gained outside the EEA do not automatically lead to the award of QTS. If you are unsure whether this applies to your NQT, please ring the GTCE on 0870 001 0308 or email: tqhelpdesk@gtce.org.uk

  • If an NQT leaves during their Induction year please inform the Appropriate Body in writing so the information can be passed on to the General Teaching Council. Schools must also complete an interim assessment form and send to the Induction co-ordinator if an NQT leaves either mid term or part way through induction to go to another school.
  • All NQTs must have an allocated mentor and be released from the timetable for the equivalent of 10% PPA time AND 10% induction time.
    Materials to support NQTs and their mentors, including assessment forms, will be provided on registration with Westbridge TSA. 
  • The named Appropriate Body for NQTs is Westbridge Teaching Schools Alliance
    NQTs must be informed of this.

Should you have any questions or queries please contact Westbridge Teaching School Alliance on 01942 487973

Privacy Notice

Please click here for our Newly Qualified Teacher Support Privacy Notice

If you wish to register your NQT with Westbridge Teaching School Alliance (TSA)and the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA).

Please complete the following form:

Registering of a NQT's with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)

Please complete this form to register your NQT with Westbridge Teaching School Alliance a £195 charges applies per NQT.